As a Nigerian citizen, it is your right to vote, voting helps you choose the candidate who will pilot the affairs of the country and this have a big role to play in your day to day activities.

We all know that Employment is a big issue in this country, we should look out for a candidate who has a great plan on how to create jobs and fund training programs which is targeted towards creating employment and lifting people out of poverty.

It is your responsibility to get informed, stop acting as if the progress of this country is not important to you.

Take time to educate yourself before you engage in conversations, learn how to Register and make sure you get your PVC before deadline, know the date of elections, know your assigned polling station, know the candidates and their political parties.

Get informed by watching candidate’s debates, watch political events, get interested in news by reading the newspapers, listening to radio and watching the television for updates.


Elections are very important because it gives us the opportunity to influence politics in the country. This is the opportunity we have to advocate for good governance. Look out for candidates with integrity, people who care so much about the positivity of the nation, focus on the candidate’s ideas for the future, focus on the candidate’s plans to solve a problem, look beyond the political party, the religion, the gender and the ethnicity.

You cannot truly express your political voice unless you are well informed about the political activities.

Mobilize citizens and encourage them to register to vote, discuss the ideas of these candidates with the citizens.

Remember this, Your vote is your voice if you sell your vote, you are deliberately selling your future. Buying and selling of votes increases corruption, it decreases the trust in politics and it reduces accountability. Do not allow any one to buy your vote, it counts.


Be a change agent in any environment you find yourself, talk about the importance of participating in the on going elections, encourage people to go and register to vote,your political power lies in your vote, vote the change you want to see and stay engaged in the political activities that goes on around you.




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