Sometimes I begin to wonder if really we are in a democratic government or we are just being ruled by a tyrant. Not only is the president an illiterate but a dullard and a big dunce at that. Under his regime, and right under his nose we have had series of attacks. From the “Boko haram” to the now trending“unknown gunmen”.

The media people are afraid to speak and the clergies are hiding, no one is ready to die. The only Man of God who spoke, was attacked and questioned, yet you all think we are safe here.

The Muslims are really trying hard to conquer the nation and no one is saying or doing anything about that. They have conquered some part of the nation and mounted their flag and yet the government aren’t doing or saying anything in regards to that. The house of Reps are being occupied by gullible, deranged, non compos mentis set of people, who only care about their Stomach and nothing more.. always finding ways to exasperate the citizenry.

The President should resign or better still, allow the house impeach him, he has shown he is incapacitated and clueless with regards ruling us. He has simply failed as a leader.

I came across a picture, I thought it was an Islamic nation until I saw the naira currency being shared to those children and I gave up. Do we really have an Islamic nation right under this particular Nigeria? Only the president can answer this rightly !

©Emmanuel Spiritus Nwebunu.

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