1. You have five seconds to make a lasting impression on someone. Use it well.

2. Your eyes can make someone like or hate you immediately because it is the window to your soul; with it you can love, seduce, show empathy, encourage or empower. So be careful the message your eyes sends.

3. Your hair is the crown of your physique; take care of it. Ladies, wash regularly with shampoo when not plaited or fixed. Guys, wash to the roots when bathing and oil it if you can. Above all, comb properly and pattern it well.

4. Ladies should have more underwear than they have dresses. Guys, please don’t wear your boxers or your socks for a week before it sees water again.

5. Do not use perfume to cover up your body odour; it is adding more kerosene to an inferno. Wash your privates thoroughly with a ‘sponge’ not with ‘soap’ or your ‘hands’. Naija climate can be merciless sometimes.

6. If you are prone to body odour( which is not your fault), use more antiseptic soaps, have a deodorant & two body sprays or more if you can’t afford a good perfume yet.

7. Guys, shave when you need to. Ladies, wax properly.

8. If you easily sweat, consider always wearing an inner vest that covers your armpit area so you don’t have sweat arc on your cloth one hour after you’ve gone out. It can be an eye-sore & turn off to potential clients or friends.

9. Your smile speaks volumes; it makes you more beautiful and younger. It’s easier to attract favour, goodwill & friendship with it. Do it genuinely too.

10. Ladies, if you will wear a nail polish, make sure all is intact. Scrape all if some of it fades off or cracks. Guys, keep yours short and well manicured.

11. If you will wear an eye pencil, ladies, please carve your eye brows well. In this 21st century, it’s wrong to put on a thick one on top of your full brows. It makes you look like ‘agbomma’ or a village female native doctor.

12. If you buy an over-sized shirt or dress, trim it down to your size. You don’t have to buy cloth for the next five years. Have some faith.

13. When taking public transport, spray some scent on your ‘behind’ because some seats in the bus can make you have a funny smell there.

14. Have a rag or tissue just in case your shoe gets dusty or messed up before you get to your destination.

15. Guys, the colour of your belt & shoe shouldn’t be fighting; its black on black, brown on brown, white on white etc. Also, always knot your tie well & perfectly into your shirt collar. Make use of the mirror well.

16. Have a handy handkerchief to wipe your sweaty face or to dab your made up face as the case might be for the ladies.

17. Add some springs to your steps, good gait to your composure, chin up with squared shoulders held high and walk like the royalty God has made you. Your self confidence is an energy even the illiterate can sense. Develop an unforgettable ‘presence’ with your personality.

18. Take lots of water and fruit. It’s good for your body system and makes for a beautiful skin too.

19. Learn to arrange your clothes according to type, and your underwears too. Learn to also fold your shirts perfectly just incase you are travelling & you don’t want them to rumple.

20. Sometimes, just take your essential clothes to the laundry so you can learn the art of good ironing and folding.

21. Your cologne is your trademark because everyone has a unique scent that makes you remember them even in their absence. It’s usually best to go for ones made for your particular sex & then try unisex products sometimes.

22. Keep a handkerchief ir sanitizer handy if you sweat in your palms like me.

23. If you have mouth odour( which may not be your fault), brush in the morning and night, consider taking ‘utazi’ sometimes. Pay particular attention to your tongue whilst brushing and keep gums or breath mints with you always.

24. Be Self-Conscious but don’t be a Selfish Person.

25. Finally, let your dressing be rock solid because it’s ONLY God that looks at the heart, man still judges a book by its cover.

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