My name is Princesschris fine
A native of Etche LGA of Rivers state
I am Miss Silver Africa Top Model 2020
Modeling has more than one Definition which are all important and good.
Let me break them down one after the other and also add a fewer knowledge to what you already know.
    Modeling is the act of display either by wearing clothes or by devise representations.
And a model is a person with a role either to promote, display or advertise commercial products or to serve as a visual aid for people who are creating works of art or to pose for photography.
Princesschris fine definition of modeling.
     “Modeling, An act of creating an avenue for CHARITY WORK and getting to people whom ordinarily you won’t be granted access to see easily.
A Model whose mission is to promote, help and create awareness in the society is likely to gain more and enjoy lots of benefits starting from her brand to the rest of her communications. People think modeling as a career is a waste of time or its for people who have sold their lives to the world or the devil as they will tag it. But remember, the act of charity one shows to the society makes the people believe or say ” My dear you are a model”. Some persons are secret models in the sense that they help many and also make some creative arts to sustain due to lack of sponsorship, their efforts are not seen easily. Sometimes it’s the fear of the unknown, probably inferiority complex that make them remain where they are.
If you reason what people say about you, then you won’t lift your legs because someone must talk, the best thing is take a step and ignore words from people whom your success disturbs.
No one is Born a Model but when you see yourself doing certain things naturally such as dancing, singing, being creative, wearing of clothes and have a fitted outlook, talking without getting tired, having a life of funny attitude without obstruction or annonyce, I advise you to identify yourself so that your God given talent(s) will be brought to LIGHT. A closed mouth is a closed destiny. Arise, take a bold step to your future.
People that say what you are doing is bad, or it doesn’t suit you, when you finally make it, become big in life, they will also be the ones that Will use you as an example probably to their children, sisters or even to themselves saying, finally this person is a ‘STAR’.
To be a star is a one day decision Also To be a nobody, is a one day decision. Choose Wisely to avoid had I known.
People showcasing their God given Talents are not stupid and they shouldn’t in any way be called names. Just because you are not there, DOESN’T MAKE YOU A SAINT.
Model your Charity heart, people need it for long life.
Model your creativities people need them for sight seeing.
Model your character the world needs it for emulation.
Model your strengths to talking people need it for entrainment.
Model yourself stand and address the world even though you are in the most interior Location, let your star out of CAGE.
At last, you will be Glad you made it and all those who stood as discouragement towards your vision, will return to sing PRAISES with you. ” Remember No one celebrates failure But success”.
Thank you as you read and work Towards achieving your dreams.
I still Remain my humble self.

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