Many entertainment practitioners, through their visuals and scripts, have been involved in the struggle against terrorism which continues to bedevil our beloved country.

As many more continue to join the fold, one such writer who has been inspired to lend his support through writing is Sani Muhammad Surajudeen

Born and raised in the Northern part of the country, Sani knows how it is to live in fear of terrorists and it has served as the inspiration behind his writings.

Speaking with journalists, Sani disclosed that he had been writing since childhood and would spend hours inscribing letters on any surface he could lay his hands on.

His passion would later translate into nothing less than three separate books. One of his works, ‘Roses in the desert’ highlights the destructive components of terrorism and the trauma that attends the experience in the hands of insurgents.

Particularly, the book centres on the two-year journey of two lovers separated by terrorist attacks with each of them facing distinct challenges in the quest to meet again.

For the 24-year old writer and graduate of the Federal University of Technology, Minna, writing is not just an avenue to entertain, it should also be used to reflect the shortcomings of society.

He said “Inasmuch as people are fascinated by stories, we writers have a duty to reflect issues that need attention in society.”

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