Having being in the footwear industry for over four years creating unique products and serving quality to our clients all over Africa, we have decided to make you a part of us by giving an access to earn income just as we do.

With our referral program, you will be given $2 (N1000) for every customer you refer. That’s you earning over N1000+ monthly for every 10+ person that buys from us through you.

Not just that, you will also be getting a customised T-shirt or Footwear of your choice if you can refer up to 30 clients in a month.

To become a partner

✅Follow us on Facebook@ Emyrates
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✅ Contact Emyrates on WhatsApp. https://wa.me/qr/TMIDVEQB5VBRH1

If you are a student, here’s an opportunity to earn passive income.

It’s a plan to reinvent yourself..

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