HELP ME GROW The Artwork.

This Artwork was birthed from my journey of becoming an Artist. Over the years as a growing boy, I always scribble objects on paper with pencil. When my observant parents realized this; that I had the talent to draw from the wonderful objects I created on paper as a boy at age 5. They had to encourage me more with my favourite drink which is Coca-Cola. Yes! According to my parents, they said that the talent was there, but I was not much interested, therefore, they had to always mount my favourite drink Coca-Cola on the table alongside an object they want us-the children to draw; that whoever draws best, would drink the Coke! This became a routine and great Ginger for us the children in the neighborhood to sharpen our talents back then in the early 20th Century. Any child then would always want to win my Parents or Aunties’ Prize of the bottle of Coke weekly and so would draw out our best, but I always won! As the best Artist for the week; because the talent is there.

Today, that singular Coke strategy( The Coke bottle in the drawing) of my parents/Aunties had helped sharpen my handicraft( the hands on the drawing), skill and talent as a better Artist; putting food(money- the cowries on the drawing) on my table.

The items on the drawing “Help Me Grow” means following:
1. The White African Wrist Beads represents a Child’s Innocence; Blank Brain that needs to be filled and shaped with great skills, morals, and uprightness like my parents and Aunties did to me with Coke.

2. Black Hands: The two black hands represents Africa and Our Strength in hardwork of handiworks and handcrafts

3. The Cowries represents Money and Wealth; plus wealth of experience which comes from my arts. This is what I am also offering the young less privilege African children to Help them Grow like I grew.

4. The Coca-Cola Bottle brought light that illuminates my work of art. A motivating tool( of Prize) that can help any child sharpen and put to shape his or her talent and skill. It also represents a balance, hope and encouragement that produces savor above the pains of hardwork.

This is the inspiration behind this drawing HELP ME GROW which came to light when Coca-Cola launched their #GinjaahMyFlow campaign and I remembered how Coke actually “Ginjaahed” my flow of art as a child. I am recreating the same history today for the less privilege children to help Africa grow.

Kenechukwu Uyanwa ©️2021

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