They say music is the best language They say music is the best language that we can all  understand without looking at the skin color. For music is the best medicine we can ever get from the radio or any other multimedia players.

So today Takudzwa ” Tinklah” Mukawu, had a conversation with one of most rising dancehall, reggae and afro pop  star from Zimbabwe named Drum Dada. The two had a “get to know your artist” chat, where Takudzwa was asking Drum Dada questions so that people will get to know who Drum Dada really is and what he do. etc.

Hello Mr welcome to our Program ?’Get to know your artist’ brought to you by Perfect House Media. Where we ask you questions about yourself and your music.”

Drum Dada: I’m ok and thank you so much for having me on your program, I’m so honoured.

1. Who is Drum Dada? Drum Dada is a dancehall,reggae & afro pop rising star from the dusty streets of Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.

2 . When did Drum Dada realize that he got a melodic voice or music talent? I think i was born an artist because as early as i was in grade 4 at Chemachinda Primary School in Chemachinda Primary School in Guruve i was part of the school choir. Guruve i was part of the school choir.

3. When did Drum Dada get into the music industry? I started professional recording in 2012 when i dropped ” Maneta” my controversial single.

4.Do you have local and international collaborations? “Locally” i have managed to work with Trevor Dongo,Nox Guni, Jiggaz, Ninja Lipsy, Taurai Mandebvu, Kudah Runit,Toxx Tyfah Guni, Lodriq, Sybarite,Mr Kayz etc “Internationally” i have worked with Tai Tan(Uganda) & Deeno Jay( Siera Leone)

5. The song that makes Drum Dada a big musician: The road to fame? Tsikamutanda took me to another level even though it didn’t get the reception i Tsikamutanda took me to another level even though it didn’t get the reception i expected from some of the radio stations.

6. How far do you see your in the next 5 years: I believe God is a God of order and if he opens up more doors for me,in 5 years i aim to be one of the bigger and popular brands.

7. Any hardship that you’re facing in the music industry? Music industry is not an an easy road like what people think,one of the biggest challenges i face is getting enough support from the fans and radio stations,they tend to underrate my music since im still trying to make a big name for myself and i find it more hard for me to pull through,the other challenge is finance,when you are not financially stable its hard for an artist to challenge is finance,when you are not financially stable its hard for an artist to book studio time and video shoots.

8. What does Drum Dada do besides being the studio making music? Besides music Drum Dada is a hustler,music is business and its not enough when you do it alone so i also spend more time in the streets trying to make money so as to support the music side.

9. How many albums does Drum Dada have so far? Sofar i have one double CD album that i did in 2014,besides that i have a lot of singles that i have released up to now.

10. Any record deal?No record deal now.

11. People saw your pic with Charley Black. Is there anything we should expect from the two of you?. I got a pic with Charly Black at O.R Tambo on our way from Capetown where we shared stage at City Hall,i didn’t have the opportunity to do a song with him.

12. The relationship between you and Mr Kayz (Spot on music), McKnife & Cray Beats (Hit Music Empire) Mr Kayz, McKnife & Cray Beatx are my good brothers in music production,i have worked with them more than enough times and i will do more projects with them.

13. What happened between you and Oskid production? Fans got questions spinning in their head. I take this as water under the bridge and talking about it doesn’t seem to be a professional thing to do,whatever and talking about it doesn’t seem to be a professional thing to do,whatever happened we settled the issue and we are in good books with Oskid.

14. How do we get Drum Dada’s music and videos? I have a YouTube channel called “Drum Dada Official”,people can subscribe and get to watch my music and videos there.

15. Is Drum Dada married? Lol we will talk about this one on the next article.

17. How do we contact you ? As for now you can contact me directly on +263788958244 .

18. Is music playing you well that you can make a living out of it or it’s just for the love of the culture? When you don’t have a big name you can hardly survive on music one so its a no,its more for the culture.

19. Any new projects we should expect from you before the year ends? Yes most definite you have to expect some singles and a collaboration i did with Deeno Jay from Sierra Leone.

20. Who is your role model in the industry? I have quite a number of role models.

21. We have seen a post about from Tinklah, saying “my brother Drum Dada is the best of all times” is there there anything you  are doing for your brother Tinklah concerning his music career?  Yes Tinklah is my brother from another mother,musically im trying to nature him by giving him ideas on how to improve himself as an upcoming artist.

22. People want to know if you bring an impact or uplift then youngsters Yes i do uplift youngsters by collaborating with them and sharing ideas.

23. Do you have a studio of your own? Currently my personal home studio is closed though all the equipment is there.

24. If you are to ask for help concerning your music, what would it be? Getting more exposure through radio interviews,more airplay and platforms to perform live is all i would need to helped on right now. helped on right now.

25. Are you getting fair air play on radio station? So far im not satisfied with the airplay im getting from the radio stations,a few djs do know me and play my songs,big up to those who do play me..

Thank you for your time Drum Dada. God bless you and your music business.

Drum Dada “Thank you too for giving me the opportunity..”

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