Briefly Introduce yourself to us please

My name’s Okeke Soludo Marcel, I am a Lawyer, a runway/commercial and pageant model currently Mister Model Nigeria away from modeling I’m an actor, social media manager and a creative director for a media agency.

1. Tell us about your passion for modelling:
I always like to say this, I never set out to be a model but when the opportunity came to become one, I embraced it with open arms and gradually I got some satisfaction from doing what I enjoy. My hunger and thirst to not just be a model but a super model, keeps me on track for the journey ahead. I want to a bright light for models not just in Nigeria but in Africa as a whole, internationally models from Africa are beginning to get the recognition that they deserve and I’d want to attract that kind of global attention and let the world know how amazing and beautiful Africans are.

2. You recently won the 2021 edition of the Mister Model Nigeria Pageant. Why did you decide to contest in the pageant, and what was the selection process like?:
The two major reasons why I contested.
1- like I said I’m very interested in changing the negative media about Africa and Africans. Like I said I’d love to change the negative media Africans like myself get and one way of doing this is by showcasing oneself to the world as an element of change. I saw this pagentery as a platform that help me connect to a global audience.

2- I contested also because I saw it as a new challenge, there’s no harm in trying new things and I am glad I did.
The selection process was scary because we were initially 400 who applied, I was super excited when I was selected I did a lot of research on my brothers who also made it past the selection process and I was wowed by the many amazing faces, talents I was up against and I’m glad I bounded with some of them.

3. What unique features or qualities would you say enabled you to win the pageant?:
-Firstly I’d say my charisma and gentility favoured me along the way.
-Secondly whenever I was asked a question I genuinely spoke from my heart and without fear or fervour.
-Also my “never say die” attitude put me in a good stead to win.

4. What prizes and deals were associated with the winning? And, is there any endorsement or modelling contract as a result of you winning the contest?:

There are a whole lot of prizes and deals
– I have been honoured to be the face and ambassador of Nigeria at the international stage.
– I have also been a free supply of shoes from one of the show’s sponsors Michard Bespoke.
– I have also been made the face and brand ambassador of Epe resort and spa also one of the show’s sponsors.
– Yes, a modelling contract has been signed as well.
There’s a whole lot of other prizes as well.

5. Are there any International Franchise attached to your winnings as the 2021 Mister Model Nigeria?:
Yes there’s I have been given the opportunity to represent Nigeria international stage of Mister Model International.
Tell Us how you hope to handle that?
Well proper preparation, puts one in a better position to win. I intend to seek counseling from my predecessor King Emmanuel Somto as he has been there, and I believe his experience would be vital for my preparation as well. I also intend to work on my self physically and mentally, carry out more research so as to widen my horizon.
Stay healthy and live healthy whilst preparing.

6. What advocacy are we to expect from you to pursue during your reign as Mister Model Nigeria:
I’d definitely be advocating for better educational reforms in Nigeria, I know the importance of education and what it has done for me. So why not go the extra mile to see that as many children as possible get better education because the future of our nation rests in the hands of our leaders of tomorrow. So what can be done to give the little children the opportunity to exercise their right to proper education.

7. What three things should people know about you that they do not?:
– that I have a big heart and would go all the way to help someone who’s in need truly.
– I actually speak French albeit I’m not fluent.
– I’m the best dancer when I’m in front of a mirror.

8. Winning Mister Model Nigeria has placed you on a Spotlight, does that mean you now get more sexual advances from the female folks?:
This is something I have, over time respectfully dealt with and yes I’d say winning the title has increased the number of messages pertaining to this that I’d respectfully respond to.

9. Its been a wonderful production from the Local organizing body of the Mister Model Nigeria Pageant, what flaws did you notice from them that you would advice them on making changes in the near future?:

Yes it was definitely a wonderful production and one that is surely talked about, I didn’t notice any flaws except having to wake up early in the morning for some aerobic exercise just about the time sleep is best enjoyed.

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