Firstly I would thank God for his help, Love and Protection in my life, Also thank those who supported me to achieve what I am today especially my parents / Elder Brother pastor and wife, others too numerous to mention also to my Wonderful CEO Queen Munachi for all her sisterly Love & Tolerance in a nutshell, her sisterly Approach towards everything I pray God to bless her now and always.Amen

Well, like the holy Bible says, there is Time for everything Ecc 3. Now it’s time to contest and there will be a time to win too therefore anything you do, do it well because there is surely a reward unto those that reaches to the TOP though it might not be an easy one still know that no pain, no gain and there is no successful human without a STORY.

My advice to the younger ones
1. Know your self
2. Be yourself do not be a proud Queen
3. Be confident on yourself
4. Respect your self
5. Be punctual always in everything
6. Represent your self well in the public because by doing that, you also represent your family and Brand.
7. Be prayerful also a peace maker
8. Without giving you won’t receive, So be a giver especially to those who can’t repay you
9. Be polite in your dealings/ be teachable
10. Learn to be accommodating also tolerate others don’t change.

These are fewer positive qualities the world want to see in you as a beauty queen portrait not been rude, proud, harsh, stingy or arrogant.
Remember, the good qualities you show to the world, gets you a better recommendations in other places even without your knowledge.

Speak what you can do, and promise what you can fulfill.
Don’t pretend all is well when you know it’s not true. As a Queen, the world is looking up to you. Show good example be the best VERSION of your VISION people will emulate.
Think right, Act well, judge with the fear of God in you in future don’t Always say does it matter?.

Remember, you can’t kill your conscience so always judge right and think right for what goes around, comes around meanwhile, you can’t eat your cake and have it back.
LIFE as a whole, is an institution that no one graduates from till the end of one’s existence here. Be a positive advicer and a positive life changeer and God will open your doors for upliftment. Make sure your projects will be achieved.

Lastly, Remember you are beautiful and attractive in your own unique way contesting is a TWO WAY ANSWER that only the courageous one (s) stands and say I made it or I will try again.
Contest results Answer
a. Yes I won
b. Yes I am among the winners
c. Yes I didn’t win. But
will try again.

This point will show your level of confidence, maturity and alacrity to move or take another step towards achieving your career without minding what people will say.
So, your mindset towards achieving your dreams should be filled with optimism prepare your minds because you know not what is ahead of you therefore in everything, get yourself ready be decisive, strong, and focused, After all winning can also cause you to faint, (Lol) Shed tears or even remain in amazed for fewer minutes not only when you loose.

My little advice remains for you to be strong, focused and real. Your ORIGINALITY makes you whom you are always remember that You are there to make a difference.
Get started remove phobia/inferiority complex and achieve that your long term desired dreams.
Thanks for your time

Miss silver Africa
Queen princesschris fine.

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