by Yusuf Mohammed Jamiu
As edited by Elochukwu Ezeumeanya

“Lazy Youths” always groaned
Help Me Grow!
Beat us with Cain
Life is pain
Starve our desire
Hungry man does not expire
Be it a desert
Our rivers!…
River Niger flows eloquently
River Benue flows eloquently
Splashing, saying “hello” eloquently
Be it thorny grounds
We shall hold festivals
For our mother’s feast
For we aren’t cowards

We are Nigeria
We stand amidst forest seeds
We stand admidst iroko trees
Our land became wet, from the tears of our mother
Conquerors and Legends rebirth
Our spirit became rigid, from the screams of our father
Waking tigers, awakening their faith
And Oh! But all these
We still stand dying
And Oh! With all might
We’re still the elephant lying

I see a nation, with wonderful blooms
If only you could say with me, that no eager looms
“No danger looms”
And only by trying, will those dreams come true
And only by acting, will those lies be true
For we all got, and can harness the power of what’s in the inside
For we all know that we can bring out that vision that lives in the inside of this nation Nigeria.
Happy Birthday Nigeria!!
Happy Independence!!!



Yusuf Mohammed Jamiu is a young award winning artist as well as Poet with a number of creative works to his credit at the young age of 15. He is currently an SS 2Art student of Total Child Model Schools Dutse, Abuja, Nigeria. He dreams to add more creative works to literary world in drawing, painting & films.

Elochukwu Ezeumeanya is an Actor, Film Producer & Seasoned Broadcaster with numerous accolades to his credit. He tutors young literary artistes; ranging from acting, singing & writing.

Artwork: Kenechukwu Uyanwa

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