What is your name and also your stage name:

My name is Dimkpa Chukwunonso Daniel. My stage name is DCW.

What label are you representing:

I’m representing PJF Entertainment

Where can the audience download and listen your songs?:

My songs are on all digital platforms online.

How can they reach out to you and keep up with your music:

They can follow me up on all my social media platforms, on Instagram @Dcwofficial on twitter @Dcwofficial1 on Facebook @Dcw official and also on tiktok @Dcwofficial1

What Inspired you to venture into music:

I believe music found me at a tender age . I started singing at age 4 and started writing songs at age 9. My inspiration comes from life In general.

Apart from music what other skill set do you have:

I am a Songwriter, Actor, A farmer and Graphics designer.

How did you come across PJF ENTERTAINMENT WORLDWIDE:

A friend told me about PJF entertainment worldwide and their intention to sign artists, so I gave it a trial.

Who is your role model and why:

Rudeboy of psquare, I have been a fan since I was tender and I still am, he is super talented and he understand the music and what the audience wants. So yea he is my role model.

Any special thanks:

Yes, special thanks to God and also to Mr Precious Fubara the owner of Nigeria fashion magazine and founder of PJF Entertainment Worldwide for this opportunity.

And also thanks to the management of Perfect House Media.

Thank you.

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