Briefly Introduce yourself to us please.

My name is Daniel Kuyik Queen, I’m from Akwa Ibom State, a political science student of Ignatius Ajuru University of Education.

Tell us about your passion for modelling:

I started having passion for Modelling from my childhood.

looking at building a strong Career in the modeling industry.

You recently won the 2021 edition of The face of Nigeria fashion magazine south south Pageant. Why did you decide to contest in the pageant:

I decided to contest for The Face of Nigeria Fashion Magazine because I saw it has a platform for me to go global, to reach out to the needy, the women and the promising models out there, to make them know that they’re not limited to any good things of life.

What qualities would you say enabled you to win the pageant?

The qualities that I would say enabled me win the pageant, is my HUMILITY.

What prizes, endorsement and deals were associated with the winning?

The prizes, endorsement and deals associated with the winning are:
*Editorial/collaboration Shoots with top bridal designers.
*Endorsement deal with Pelma fashion
*Representing face of Nigeria fashion magazine South South….etc.

What and what are we to expect from you during your reign?

You should expect more of me as i carry the Nigeria fashion magazine round the world.

What three things should people know about you that they do not?:

I don’t know how to swim.
I’m scared of Height.
I’m scared of darkness.

what flaws did you notice from your organization that you would advice them on making changes in the near future?:

I haven’t noticed any flaws from my organization….I advice they keep on doing what they’re known for, I want to also let them know that I’m super grateful to work with them…..

Big thanks to the CEO NIGERIA FASHION
MAGAZINE and to the management of Perfect House Media.

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